Zikula as platform for secure web applications

Zikula toolkit and content management system

Zikula is a construction kit for stable and reliable web applications with focus on security and flexibility.

Modular web applications with Zikula

The open source software Zikula is the base for many projects and web pages. It allows a very flexible usage as different modules can be combined. Widely used components, as news area, contact forms or a calendar, are already available and can be adapted to your requirements without great effort.

Hence Zikula can be used for arbitrary application (like for example content management system (CMS), blog, online shop, social community, portal system or also for your individual needs). All content can be maintained by yourself with ease.

Zikula offers means for flexible content management

Sustainable and expandable

With Zikula it is possible at any time to realise your desires with the help of additional modules. We can even gently assemble tailored web applications with our tool ModuleStudio for you.