Run any number of sites - maintain only one platform

Multisites and ModuleStudio for successful portal networks

A multisites system allows you to maintain several sites and applications without technical redundancies.

What are multi portal systems?

With a multi portal system or portal network you can care for a series of different sites which are all using the same “multisites” system. New extensions and functionality can be added centrally, so they are added once and apply to all platforms.

How do portal networks work?

Creating new sites just takes a few minutes. Thereby different templates can be used to preset the site just according to your wishes. Furthermore you can control exactly which components and layouts may be used by which pages.

Which customisations are possible for each site?

The design can be unified or individual as much as you like for each single page. This is also true for your desired functionality: for different variants and optional aspects we create corresponding settings using ModuleStudio so that you can customise them for each site or application.

Who can benefit from multisites?

You can run single sites for numeruous topic areas, for campaigns and activities or for different business segments. So a portal network is particularly suited for corporations, associations and institutions which want to present different branches, organisational units, brands and facets on separate websites with it.

Where is the advantage over single sites?

While operating any number of sites with only one multi portal system you save costs and technical redundancies. Additional extensions can be integrated once-for-all into the Zikula system and provided to the desired sites afterwards.