Model-driven web applications with ModuleStudio

ModuleStudio - MDSD tool for Zikula web applications

By means of model-driven development (MDSD) we offer you flexible and custom-made solutions.

Software as requested

You need your own web application (for example a community platform, a system for document and media management, an erp, crm or another business system adapted to your procedures, or the like)? With Zikula and our self-developed tool ModuleStudio we realise software according to your wishes.

Individual with model

We describe your specifications with a model. This assists in communicating the details. Moreover the model is the direct foundation for the implementation of your web application.

The model-driven approach supports a design-focused development process

Afterwards we generate a prototype of your application using the model description. Ongoing changes are directly incorporated into the model in an iterative way so they are recognised and cared for in all parts of the application.

Amendments are incorporated iterative-incrementally

This approach ensures stable and reliable development of your software. You can find further information on